Best CBD vape pen in 2022 – 6 best CBD vape pens reviewed and buying guide

2022-10-31 05:14:50 By : Mr. Jason zhang

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Best CBD vape pen in 2022 – 6 best CBD vape pens reviewed and buying guide

Consumers take up CBD vaping for many reasons. Some switch from nicotine products over to vaping CBD products and don’t look back. Some enjoy inhaling delicious flavors and exhaling undulating clouds of vapor. Some say they enjoy the sense of relief that only CBD provides for them. A CBD vape pen, aside from perhaps helping with smoking cessation and being a fun, recreational tool, may deliver other benefits. For example, some people who vape CBD say it helps to calm their anxiety. A CBD vape pen is discreet and provides access to that relief at any time.

Consumers have different options when it comes to vaping CBD. You can pick up a disposable CBD vape pen that is good for single use and then toss it out (responsibly) when you’re done. You can also pick up a refillable CBD vape pen that you pair with a CBD vape juice of your choice.

In this article, the reviewer focused on disposable vape pens that come ready to use out of the packaging, as well as CBD cartridges that you can pair with a CBD vape pen battery. Essentially, what’s covered are the best CBD vape pens available on the market today, breaking down the information you need, like the company’s history, the type of CBD vapes they offer, and sharing some real customer feedback. 

1. CBDfx - Reviewer’s Choice: Best CBD Vape Pens

2. CBD American Shaman - Reviewing Staff Pick

3. Koi CBD - Runner Up

4. Just CBD - Customer Favorite

6. Extract Labs - Great Alternative

CBD-only and CBD + THC vapes

Rechargeable/disposable CBD vape pens

With a goal to make CBD accessible to people from all over the world, Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers launched CBDfx in 2014. This company started in San Fernando Valley, California, and over the last several years has made it to the #2 spot in the list of privately held CBD companies throughout the world with more than 100 employees.

They offer the full gamut including full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate options. They keep all of their products organic from seed to sale and continue with an innovative attitude, adjusting to customer feedback and new trends to keep their customer base up to date with products that reflect the latest research.

To make sure they truly are selling only the highest quality CBD products, CBDfx has collaborated with experts in multiple relevant fields of study to create their Medical Advisory Board. They have a veterinarian as part of the board, a dermatologist, a pharmacist, and a doctor of internal medicine, all of whom take the time to sample different CBDfx products and provide a thorough medical review.

To benefit their loyal customers, they have also put together a rewards program that helps you earn points every time you shop. Create an account to receive 100 points. You’ll then earn points every time you shop, and you can redeem points for exclusive discounts. For every hundred points, you’ll receive $5 worth of rewards. You can also refer your friends and enjoy more exclusive bonuses.

CBDfx offers disposable CBD vape pens in two primary categories: CBD vapes and CBD + THC vapes. If you’re interested in a CBD vape, you can select from four delicious flavors. Pick up blue strawberry, strawberry lemonade, tropic breeze, or fresh mint. Each of these CBD vapes contains 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

This disposable broad-spectrum CBD vape pen has approximately 800 puffs per pen. It’s rechargeable and disposable. They’re crafted expertly to deliver an unmistakable and unforgettable flavor experience with a smooth hit every time. Each of these CBD vape pens is available for $34.99, at the time of this writing.

If you are more into a buzzy experience, you’ll want to check out the best CBD vape pens that include delta-9 THC. There are five options: Purple Punch, Maui Wowie, Pineapple Express, Wedding Cake, and OG Kush.

Some of these are indica strains, one is sativa, and some are hybrids. Each of these CBD vape pens contains 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD along with 5 mg of delta-9 THC. Depending on the formula, you may also get an extra cannabinoid like CBN, which is perfect for nighttime use because it helps to promote better sleep. Each of these CBD + THC vape pens is available for $34.99, at the time of this writing.

CBDfx vape pens frequently earn five stars from verified buyers. The overall sentiment from those who have tried these CBD pens is that the taste is the best out there. The pricing is affordable, delivery is always fast, and the new and improved design is making their experience that much better.

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Slim design for CBD vape pens

CBD American Shaman focuses on ultra-concentrated, terpene-rich CBD. They derive this specialized CBD from premium industrial hemp. To make sure that they’re always following through with the highest quality, they batch test using a unique process called ultra-performance convergence chromatography.

They’ve also developed proprietary nanotechnology, which is, ultimately, what sets them apart from other CBD companies. This nanotechnology is what makes their products nine times more bioavailable than any other CBD product you can find on the market today. What this means for you is that the CBD in their products absorb more quickly into the body, which may bring you faster relief.

They put together an informative blog that has answers to all of your CBD questions. You can explore CBD routines for dogs, learn what cannabinoids are, figure out the different benefits of smoking CBD and learn all about the latest research. They’ve also put together a Compassionate Care program that makes their products accessible to certain populations that need the extra support.

Although you’re not going to be able to pick up a disposable CBD vape pen the way that you can with the first pick on this list, you can pick up a great battery called the Exxus Twistr, which is the slimmest design available for a CBD vape pen. If you want something small, compact, and easy to carry, this battery is a great option.

It has an adjustable temperature setting that takes it from 1.0 V up to 4.0 V. That same button can also activate two different settings for a 10-second preheat. To activate the preheat feature, click the button twice to preheat and then one time to stop. It’s available for $19.99, at the time of this writing.

One customer says that he absolutely loves his new battery; he has had it for six months, and it’s still going strong. Another verified reviewer is new to vaping, but she says this battery is perfect as part of her CBD vape kit.

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Hawaiian Driver strain terpene profile

Only one CBD strain is currently available 

Koi CBD was launched in 2015 and has since been setting the quality standard for CBD products. To make sure they follow through with their primary mission, they’ve put together a stringent vendor validation process. Only after vendors have completed this process will Koi CBD begin to source their hemp through them. All of the hemp that Koi CBD uses for its products is grown within the United States to create consistency across the board.

Since its formation, Koi CBD has become a part of the US Hemp Round Table Board of Directors, the Hemp Industry Association, and the California Hemp Council. You can count on transparency when it comes to the CBD that Koi CBD produces. Every batch has full traceability from plant to production.

Koi CBD has also developed a discount program for their community. Medical professionals, first responders, military members and the financially disadvantaged are all eligible to activate a 25% off discount code whenever they shop with Koi CBD. Additionally, Koi CBD has put together a rewards program that helps you earn points for every purchase on their website. Once you’ve collected enough points, you can redeem them for exclusive discounts.

Koi CBD offers a disposable CBD vape pen that comes filled with 2 grams of Hawaiian Driver, a hybrid CBD strain. This formula includes a blend of several cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. This CBD vape is rechargeable and features a high-grade ceramic coil. You can also use the preheat function to make your vaping CBD experience a lot smoother.

The Hawaiian Driver strain terpene profile helps you regain your balance after a long day. There are no additives, fillers, or any cutting agents included in this formula, and it’s been thoroughly lab tested by a third party for potency and purity. The total cost is $39.99 but you can always choose to subscribe to take 20% off the total.

On average, this Koi CBD vape has earned 4.5 out of five stars. Customers are saying this delivers an excellent CBD experience. It’s incredibly calming but it doesn’t create any kind of euphoria or high. It recharges quickly, helps customers feel better, and the taste is described as potent and layered.

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Multiple CBD vape battery colors

Simple and discreet CBD vape pen design

Full charge in less than three hours

Just CBD has been focusing on delivering premium CBD products since 2017. They believe that CBD is “Mother Nature’s secret miracle.” When they launched this company, they noticed that there was a lot of misrepresentation in the CBD community. They wanted to cut through the falsities to create a company that offers its consumer base transparency.

You have a right to know what is in the products you’re using, and Just CBD promises transparency in what they include in their formulas. They use world-class labs as part of their process to ensure that they’re always delivering pure, potent, and safe CBD products. They’re led by values that include honesty and genuine love for their community.

If you’re looking for disposable CBD vape pens, this is not the brand for you. However, if you are looking for a great battery in a color that represents your personality, then it’s worth checking out Just CBD’s batteries, are available in four colors: gold, rose gold, blue, and black. They’re designed to be smart, simple and always discreet.

Just CBD’s best-selling vape pen is the perfect accessory to help you enjoy your CBD more efficiently when you’re on the go. CBD flower tends to have a harsher aroma than CBD vape juice, allowing greater discretion. Each CBD vape pen costs $9.99, at the time of this writing, and comes with a USB charger.

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews for the different colored batteries, but there is a section on the Just CBD website where reviews for all different products are available. Generally, verified buyers rate Just CBD products with five stars. They have come to trust the quality that Just CBD delivers, and they keep coming back for the consistency and amazing customer service.

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Unlock exclusive coupons when you sign up

Wide selection of CBD vape pens

Filter by brand, type, or mood

They only accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover 

Diamond CBD is a research-intensive company. They were pioneers in CBD and they’re going even further to help you explore other cannabinoids like delta-8 THC. They work with a team of scientists that helps them with producing the purest formulas extracted from hemp. Currently, they have the top 10 leading CBD and delta-8 products available on the market.

They’ve also developed an award-winning CBD that’s used by thousands of customers daily. This company focuses on sustainability as well. The hemp they use is grown organically, and they never use GMOs or synthetics. Their socially conscious goal is to maintain hemp sustainability and to leave every space they touch better than they found it.

Diamond CBD has a whole section on their website that is all about cannabinoids. Here, you can learn about different hemp alternatives to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to ease stress, improve anxiety, or just enjoy some euphoric experiences, they will help you find the right products that can complement your lifestyle. You can also check out their blog to explore how-to guides, discover what the marijuana lifestyle is all about, and compare the different cannabinoids.

Diamond CBD is set up like a marketplace website, so you’ll find a couple of different brands available all on one page. You can filter by mood, brand, type, active ingredient, strength, featured, and even by the price range.

There are too many CBD vape pens and vape oils for the reviewer to list here, but here are some of their popular flavors: Green Crack, Pineapple Express, Skywalker OG, Guava, Grape Ape, Granddaddy Purple, and Gorilla Glue. Some of these are disposable CBD vape pens while others are CBD cartridges that you’ll need to pair with a battery. If you don’t already have a battery, check out the two types listed above. On average, you can pick up these products for $35.99 to $44.99, at the time of this writing.

Customers say they love the buzz they get when they explore CBD vapes that include additional cannabinoids like delta-8 THC. They describe their experience with Diamond CBD as always pleasant with great customer service. Several customers comment that they’ve made this place their go-to for ordering all of their CBD products.

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Cartridges and vape pens available

Terpene-rich extract tanks have a more herbaceous, earthy flavor than other options 

Extract Labs has been featured in various publications. A combat veteran, Craig Henderson, founded the company, leading it to be named to the Vet100 list. His dream began in a dusty corner of his garage and his business has since exploded. He created this company when he realized the many benefits of CBD, and he wanted to make plant-based wellness more accessible, especially to his community of veterans.

Extract Labs focuses on research first and then the development and manufacturing of premium cannabinoid products. They don’t just focus their efforts on the formulas they create, but they also make sure that they’re making their CBD vape pens available at an affordable price.

They collaborated with California State University to help fund their CBD research and its effects on canine glioma cells (brain tumors in dogs). Their efforts haven’t stopped there because they also offer discount programs to populations who need the support, and they remain steadfast with their original vision — to make the health benefits of CBD accessible to all.

Extract Labs offers a couple of different private reserve extract tanks. These full-spectrum CBD cartridges don’t come with a battery, but you can use a battery you already have (one of the ones highlighted above) or you can purchase a battery from their website. Cartridge options include Martian Candy, Blue Dream, Garlic Jam, Clementine, Apple Fritter, El Jefe, and God’s Gift.

Some of these CBD vape pens incorporate delta-8 THC while others include CBD with other cannabinoids like CBG or CBT. You can select from extract tanks that contain 500 mg of CBD all the way up to 1000 mg of CBD. Make sure you are looking at the formula to ensure that you are purchasing a product that delivers the effects you most enjoy. Each cartridge ranges from $39 to $44, at the time of this writing, or you can subscribe and save 15% off your order.

Customers have different responses depending on the CBD vape pen formula they purchased. For example, one Extract Labs verified buyer was looking for a CBD vape to help with symptoms related to anxiety. He said that Blue Dream is a great full-spectrum CBD vape pen that helps him focus during the day and keeps his mind clear. He loves the flavor and can tell right away that it’s a high-quality extract. He rated it five stars.

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Whether you’re looking for disposable CBD vape pens or you have a refillable CBD vape pen that you use along with CBD vape juice, you know that with each inhale, you’re bringing the contents into your lungs. The quality of the CBD vape pen you choose should never be compromised, and you should always be offered transparency so you can vape CBD confidently, knowing it’s high quality.

To hold themselves accountable, responsible CBD companies conduct independent testing, though there is no law that requires this. The FDA does not regulate the CBD industry. So CBD businesses that conduct independent testing show they are dedicated to integrity. They want to ensure all of their products live up to their claims.

Be wary of any brands that don't make their lab results and certificates of analysis easily accessible. CBD brands can mislead with eye-catching packaging and marketing since there aren't adequate rules and controls in place. Every business selected for this best CBD vape pen list has provided evidence of their due diligence on their website. This transparency makes for more confident shopping.

You are already aware that you should read reviews before making any purchases, and it's probably the second place you gravitate toward after checking out an enticing product. Since almost every product has a star rating system, honest consumers aren't scared to tell the whole truth and nothing but! Specifics not included in regular product descriptions can be found in the feedback section.

The reviews may be humorous, incredibly revealing, and at times able to convince you to add that item you were eyeing to your cart. This reviewer only listed CBD vape pens with a resoundingly high percentage of contented users, who expressed their sincere gratitude for the advantages these CBD vape pens contributed to their lifestyle. 

A product can only be as good as the supplier that sells it. Wherever you go, you’re constantly judging the source. For example, if a restaurant doesn’t care about the customer experience, as good as their specials sound, you likely won’t want to dine there. A CBD company should operate with consistency from their hemp growing practices through to the customer service staff they hire to care for their customers.

Although the CBD market created a lot of space for companies looking to make a quick profit from the craze, there are companies with founders who have a heart for the wellness industry and are genuinely dedicated to their mission. The six top CBD vape pen brands highlighted above have demonstrated their commitment to quality products through their actions, and thereby, the reputations they’ve built.

This reviewer appreciates CBD companies that use hemp grown organically and keep their ingredient lists short. There is no need for a long list of obscure ingredients. The businesses featured here include only essential ingredients in their CBD vape pens. Some fillers may not serve a purpose other than enhancing revenues by taking shortcuts.

When you read the words “CBD vape pen,” this usually refers to a pen-shaped device used for vaping CBD. Sometimes when a supplier refers to a vape pen, they’re referring to just the battery. A vape pen has two parts: 1) the cartridge that holds the CBD vape juice and 2) the battery. Sometimes, you’ll see a CBD vape pen that has these two components already attached and ready to use. Other times, in order to use the vape pen, you’ll need to screw the cartridge onto the battery.

There are two primary types of vape pen. The first is the disposable vape pen, which is equipped with a battery and has the CBD vape juice incorporated. Disposable vape pens are easy to use. If you’re new to vaping CBD, this is a great starter option. You’ll get the lay of the land, get a taste for the flavor experience, and become acquainted with the benefits of CBD.

The second type of vape pen is a refillable. With a refillable vape pen, you own the components and you purchase CBD vape juice separately. With refillable CBD vape pens, there’s a higher upfront cost and you take on the responsibility of maintaining it. But if you are regularly vaping, refillable CBD vape pens are a more economical option for the long term.

When buying vape juice, though, be sure to purchase CBD vape juice and not CBD oil. If you try to vape CBD oil, it won’t vaporize properly and when it burns, the additives can actually be harmful. Additionally, do not orally consume (swallow) CBD meant for vaping.

Studies suggest CBD can help relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, and provide pain relief. Clinical trials show some people find relief for more serious conditions, such as seizure disorders. For most users, it’s a method to balance out their mood and soothe discomfort.

Although CBD can be taken in a variety of ways, many people prefer a CBD vape pen because it’s discreet and the action of inhaling and exhaling can be soothing. This could be because they were previously tobacco smokers and have decided to try something different, or it could just be that they enjoy the act of vaping.

CBD pens are super simple to use, especially if they’re disposable. Usually, you’ll see a button on the vape pen that you press just before you begin to take a puff. Some disposable CBD vape pens don’t have a button, so you just activate it by taking a little puff. If this is your first time trying CBD, go slow until you figure out how the vape pen works and how much you intend to vape to achieve the desired benefits.

So long as the vape pen doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC, it is not illegal. However, some states have restrictions on CBD products, so make sure you check your state’s law to confirm that the CBD vape pen you’re using is legal.

This is a question answered by personal preference and your body’s chemistry. For new users, it’s best to start with just a couple of puffs. Wait to see how you feel, and then adjust your dose depending on the results. Also, make sure you’re considering the milligrams of the vape you choose; 500-milligram CBD vape pens will have milder effects than 1000-milligram CBD pens. Allow time for some experimentation and exploration and you’ll eventually find which potency option suits you best.

CBD will not get you high, but products infused with delta-9 or delta-8 THC could cause psychotropic effects. If you’re not interested in even a slight buzz, then stick with products that are 100% CBD. Products that do give a slight high should be labeled as such and the product description should note some of the effects you may experience. However, CBD alone is not psychotropic and does not cause any type of high or altered state. It’s more of a calming, soothing effect, more akin to drinking a cup of chamomile tea.

The versatility of CBD is what attracts users to it, and there are many methods to get your daily dose. Disposable or refillable CBD vape pens are a great way to get CBD into your system quickly and discreetly. There are many flavor profiles for you to explore along with different formulas -- some broad or full-spectrum CBD with extra cannabinoids and some without. No matter which product you choose, make sure you’re taking advantage of special promotions, signing up to receive exclusive discount codes, and subscribing when you’ve found the right CBD vape pen for you.

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Best CBD vape pen in 2022 – 6 best CBD vape pens reviewed and buying guide

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