Types of Prefab Houses from HoMagic

2022-10-20 00:00:00 By : Ms. Cindy Kong

A Prefab House is a type of prefabricated building that is shipped offsite and assembles on site. Often referred to as a "prefab", this type of building is designed to be fast, easy, and affordable. Prefabricated buildings are usually made in standard sections, allowing them to be shipped and assembled quickly.


The YB1 prefab house is a model that has become a popular option in the prefab housing industry. The prefabricated structure can be adapted to fit different types of rooflines, interior needs, and climate conditions. As demand for affordable housing rises in cities, the YB1 is a promising option.

It was designed by Swiss architect and designer Yves Behar. The company has partnered with other leading manufacturers of prefabricated structures to offer homes at affordable prices. While the design of the YB1 isn't yet available for purchase, it will be available in the future for under $100,000.

The YB1 offers a range of roofline options, including pitched and clearstory roofs. This allows homeowners to choose a design that meets their needs and fits into their existing environment. For example, a homeowner can choose full height windows, clerestory windows, or even a flat roof.

The YB1 base design starts at 650 square feet, but can be configured as much as 1200 square feet. It can be installed on site in one day. Currently, the YB1 prefab costs $280,000. Future LivingHomes will cost under $100,000. The YB1 can be configured as a home or office, depending on its size, appliances, and materials.

The YB1 prefab house has an impressive list of amenities. The homes can be custom-designed to fit a variety of lifestyles and preferences. The customizable design allows for customization of everything from roof lines and window layouts to interior design and layout. Additionally, a YB1 home can be customized to fit a specific climate, and it can be equipped with the latest smart home capabilities.

The YB1 prefab is a great choice for new homeowners. With its affordable price and fast construction, the LivingHome YB1 is a practical solution for those who are looking for an alternative to the traditional house.

LV Home

The LV Home is built like a kit and is delivered in flat-pack form to a client's site. Its structure features steel post-and-beam construction with 2x6 SYP stud framing and OSB nailed and glued together to form rigid panels. The interior of the home is fully customizable, and buyers can choose from a variety of design details. LV homes are an affordable option for do-it-yourself homeowners and affluent clientele.

Another similar prefab house is the LVM Home. Its floor plan has an open plan living and dining room, and two bedrooms. The master bedroom has an en-suite and a spacious closet. It's priced at $27,950. Both models come with a variety of storage options.

The LV Home series by Rocio Romero LLC comes in a variety of designs. LV Series houses are similar in construction to all other models, but there are several variations available, including two and four-bedroom homes. Additional variations include garages, camp lodges, and office buildings.

Rocio Romero's goal was to design a series of affordable prefab homes that would blend well with the outdoor environment. The designs incorporate large glazed openings and are highly customizable. They range in size from 693 square feet to 1,669 square feet. They are manufactured in Missouri and then delivered to a customer's site.

Rocio Romero's design vision is contemporary and clean. Using sustainable materials, he creates homes that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. He designs these homes with uncompromising quality and efficiency.

GO Home

The GO Home is an environmentally friendly prefab house that features a passive house design and the highest energy efficiency standards. The walls and ceilings are made from R-50 insulation and the building shell is made from air-sealed panels and a patented foundation. The home's interior and exterior finishes incorporate green features like solar panels and triple-glazed windows. The home is priced from $179,000 to $199,000, and can be customized for your needs.

The GO Home is built to meet the standards of Passive House design, which means that the house will save you up to 80 percent on energy use. Its high performance windows collect free solar heat and incorporate a heat-recovery ventilation system. The GO Home prefab house can be customized to your specifications, and the company can handle all aspects of the construction process, from planning to construction.

GO Home offers a variety of models, ranging from a 600-square-foot cottage to a 2,500-square-foot family home. Each model is designed to be eco-friendly and can be built on-site in less than two weeks. The design team at GO Home is particularly aware of what people in rural areas need space for, so they've built their homes to take advantage of this.

The company also partners with leading architecture studios and craftsmen to create modern prefab houses. Their homes incorporate IoT in the living spaces, and they're built to LEED and passive house standards. Moreover, the company has a charitable mission to build a prefab home for a family in need, as well as plant a thousand trees for every home they sell.

GO Logic has been building Passive House homes for eight years, and has now taken their efficient construction methods and farmhouse style into their newest products. The GO Home line of prefab houses has 20 different models, ranging from 600 square feet to 2,250 square feet. These homes are ideal as ADUs, vacation homes, cottages, and small primary homes. The company focuses on passive house energy efficiency, state-of-the-art building science, and Scandinavian modernism.

Turkel Design

Turkel Design is a company that specializes in the design and development of prefabricated systems-built homes. They place a high emphasis on precision fabrication and high-quality materials. They also offer design services that allow consumers to customize their homes' exteriors and interiors. They have delivered homes throughout the United States and around the world. The company works with consumers to find the best location for delivery.

The company specializes in premium modern prefab homes. They have completed over 200 projects in 34 states and seven countries. Founded by Joel Turkel, the company is headquartered in Palm Springs, California. The company's design process is quick, cost-efficient, and streamlined. The company's unique approach allows them to create a custom house that meets the customer's needs and budget. They offer two types of prefab homes: Axiom Series homes and custom homes.

Turkel Design offers a wide range of prefab home models that come with a range of different finishes and details. Most components are made in a factory, while the finishing work is handled by a local contractor. The company also provides consultation services so that consumers can choose the finishes and appliances they want. Consumers can choose from one of 11 predesigned plans or create a customized design for their home. Typical Turkel homes range from 1,800 to 3,000 square feet. Prices vary based on the level of finishing and other details that you choose to include.

Whether you're looking for a cozy cottage or a spacious family home, a prefab house is an excellent option. These innovative homes continue to redefine the future of building, design, and construction.


LeapFactory prefab houses are designed to minimize impact on the environment. They are built with FSC-certified wood and use recycled and reusable materials. They also feature advanced insulation that promotes air circulation and evenly distributes heat. This system also limits energy use and CO2 emissions. And because their components are designed to sit lightly on the ground, they require no foundation work.

LEAPfactory is an Italian company that designs and builds practical prefab houses for remote locations. They offer a two-story, 1,400-square-foot prefab house called the Frame. It is energy efficient and has a design that allows it to go off-grid if necessary. The house features two bedrooms, a study room, a fully equipped kitchen, a double-height living room, and an outdoor terrace. There are also many options for the external finishes and materials.

The LEAPfactory prefab home is preassembled in Italy. After tests and quality assurance, the kit is then packaged in shipping boxes. The system can be assembled in under three months. It also has a completely transparent price. It also has exceptional thermal performance, meaning you can save massive amounts on utility bills.

This modern prefab house has been designed by award-winning designers. Its layout is multi-functional and can be used for vacations, weekend retreats, and even as a weekend home. These houses are made to be comfortable and can be custom designed to meet your requirements. This makes the LeapFactory a great choice for the modern homebuyer. The MIMA House is a great example of this. Its flat roof and square floor plan create a beautiful home with four essentially identical facades. The pillars at the corners support glass walls, which maximizes the view. It also uses an integrated partition system that allows easy changes in decor.